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When you click the Pray button, the person who submitted the prayer request will be emailed to let them know that you are praying for them.


  • Please pray God will stop the people around me from striking fear into my heart to keep me under their control. Such as the friends who stole my money by threatening to beat me up which is extortion. I want this kind of thing to stop happening to me.
  • Hello pastor and prayer ministers. I'm asking for your prayers that God will tremendously bless my marriage to my wife Arlinda,in every area and in every way. And that God will fill our hearts &minds with his Holy spirit and fill our marriage with tremendous joy,love,peace,intimacy prosperity comfort,fun laughter,success and protection in the matchless name of Jesus.Norbert Westfield
  • Pastor Bill Johnson is requesting that believers stand with him in decreeing and declaring healing over cancer his wife Benni is battling.
  • Our good friend's parents are both battling sickness and hospitalizations this week! Pray for wisdom for the doctors, strength and availability for our friends to find time to help them with all their appointments and needs, as well as, and most importantly, quick and full healing to her parents!
  • A married couple we know are going through a super rough time. Both have struggled with mental health issues in their past and things are trying to creep back in and divide them. Pray for communication. Pray for wisdom. Pray for us to have the right words for them at the right time. Pray for their children. Pray for the doctors who are and will be involved. Pray for a supernatural encounter with God for BOTH of them.